Hyssop Housing Inc.

Since 2012, our goal is to provide Adult 55+ Lesbians of Color the right to age in place, and
transition gracefully through the maturing process with the womyn who love them at their side.

Hyssop Housing Inc. and Community Investment Strategies 
have more housing available now!
HOUSING and Referral Services
...for the needs of Adult 55+ Lesbians of Color 
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HYSSOP Housing, Inc
Email: hyssophousing@gmail.com
Phone: 862-397-0781
We are listed: Lesbian Business Community
We are still taking applications for Bloomfield, NJ 

Apartments in Bloomfield, NJ 100-unit Building  
Rent Controlled Income Restrictions  
Application Required Targeted as Gay-Friendly

Please contact 
Wendy MillarHyssop Board Member
NJ Association of REALTORS® 
914-318-0309 or 
In partnership with
AUGUST 21 @ 3-6PM
 We believe volunteers are a vital part of achieving our goals for the community, 
and our volunteers play key roles in a number of positions.

For location and directions please email: hyssophousing@gmail.com Subject: Volunteer
We look forward to meeting you!
We have planned a warm and welcoming reception where you can learn all about Hyssop and meet with our board members. 
Ask us questions and let's discover where you fit within the organization. We will also save time for you to mingle with other like-minded individuals looking to make a difference.
Please bring or email your bio, resume or a letter with facts that will provide us details of your related experiences, and how you wish to contribute to Hyssop Housing. You may also download and fill out our Volunteer Form to submit as well.